Our Deer, Elk, Antelope and Bighorn Sheep Hunts

When you hire us as your big game guide and outfitter , not only are you guided by a professional big game guide but we are in the field scouting for trophy class big game animals long before the season opens and we are keeping tabs on numerous trophy class animals learning each ones habits, feeding times, locations water holes etc.. We are constantly scouting new country to harvest quality trophy animals often times packing into wilderness and back country with horses and mules to locate the "big ones" that most guides miss along the roads. Camping out days and weeks on end allows us to do this. Our knowledge and work ethic is unbeatable.
 Come and experience big game hunting at its best with professional guides. After all if you've spend the time, effort and money tags and licenses and are fortunate enough to draw a Nevada trophy big game tag you owe it to yourself to hire an experienced staff of guides to help you harvest your trophy and make it a memorable enjoyable hunt. 

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